Creative Mindflow Methodology

A Creative Minflow session is based on brainwave research that begun in the mid-sevenities by the lateC. Maxwell Cade who was a distinguished British psycho biologist and biophysicist and member of the prestigious Royal Society of Medicine. As an expert in traditional meditation and Zen, he worked with an electronic expert Geoffrey Blundell to develop a electroencephalograph (EEG) specially designed to measure states of consciousness that they named the Mind Mirror. Unlike traditional medical EEG's, the Mind Miror shows the full brainwave frequencies (eleven) simultaneously (in real time) in each hemisphere of the brain. Cade then discovered a unique brainwave pattern he named the awakened mind he first observed in a variety of swamis, yogis, healers and advanced mediators regardless of belief systems. This pattern was later found in artists and others by Anna Wise.

I have been trained and certified by Anna Wise and Cade's assistant. Anna added to Cade's research over the past 30 years and developed an awakened mind protocol that I use for one on one feedback coaching and offer in group workshops. Crrently I have trained hundreds of clients with a wide variety of backgrounds since 2003. Here's a link that shows one person's first expereince private session expereice


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