Dec 4-5,2009
Awakened Mind Basics Workshop

Spend a relaxing and stimulating weekend exploring a simple but very profound methodolgy and technology that may revolutionize your thinking about the creative process and how you view the world.

Workshop limited to just 9 people...all workshop participants will have the rare opportunity of having their brainwaves monitored during Awakened Mind guided meditation exercises.

Workshop fee: $199. (includes materials and snacks)

Awakened Mind Basics Workshop Agenda:

Friday Evening 7-9:00 p.m. Dec 4,2009


What is the difference between the brain and mind? How does one master the mind?

Explaining the Awakened Mind with high performance brainwave training.

Comparing the Awakened Mind with traditional meditation.

What are the brainwave pattern characteristics discovered by Anna Wise followingover 6,000 hours of observation and research?

We end the evening with an Awakened Mind deep relaxation guided meditation that prepares and sets the tone for the weekend expereince.

Saturday Morning Dec.5th 9:30-12:30 p.m.

After a brief review, we begin with a live Mind Mirror EEG brainwave demonstration that shows how our thoughts and feelings can affect brainwave patterns. 

We discuss the creative mind and the subjective level of our mind, realizing that we all have full creative power to change anything with our thoughts and intent. We then do an open probe theta brainwave guided meditation exercise that allows any subconscious mental imprints (just waiting to be discovered) to surface, giving new insights for transformation and healing.

Saturday 12:30-1:45 p.m. LUNCH (on your own in Downtown Silver Spring)

Saturday afternoon 1:45-4:30 p.m.

We do Beta brainwave reduction exercises to calm down the inner critic, elimnate excess worry, fear and reduce unwanted stress and anxiety. We explore Alpha brainwaves that increase our subjective sensory and dream experiences and explain Alpha’s role to bridge the subconscious mind with the outside thinking mind.  We conclude the session with an exercise to discover what would make each of us really happy and how to always make easily accessible.


Review of techniques and principles with group share and discussion.

What really is subjective reality?

Workshop Review Guided Meditation

Place: Creative Mindflow
Training Center, Silver Spring, MD.

Workshop Fee: $199.00
(Limited finacial aid available)

$25.00 non-refundable deposit reserves workshop space.

Please send payment payable to Creative Mindflow LLC, 9815 McMillan Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Contact George Pierson for more information:
301 565-5930


This workshop can help you:.

  • Gain new insights into long-standing situations and problems
  • Reconnect with your inner creative wisdom
  • Discover what next steps to take
  • Experience hidden lesson opportunities
  • Break creative “blocks”
  • Heal, forgive and transform seed mental imprints that disrupt the present
  • Improve physical and emotional health
  • Deepen spirituality
  • Improve relationships
  • Gain mental claritySpark creative inspiration
  • Reduce stress and experience deep relaxation

To Register or More Information:
Call 301 565-5930



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