As soon as I started meditating as a young designer back in the 70's, I knew there was a direct connection between meditation and creativity. However, it wasn't until I learned about Anna's work and the awakened mind years later that I began to fully understand the 'science' behind meditation and it's effect on the creative process.

Anna Wise discovered that the meditation brain wave pattern is a combination of alpha and theta (with no beta and possibly some delta). Both alpha and theta are always essential.

In the awakened mind state, you add lower frequencies of beta back to the basic meditation pattern (alpha and theta). Now with all four brain waves activated in the right balance you have a flow of consciousness through all levels of the mind without restrictions.

When one develops the ability to bring insight and creativity into manifestation on the physical plane, one has mastered the high performance mind. Creative Mindflow workshops and individual coaching are designed help people do this.


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