Tom Kornbluh

Tom is a business consultant, long time mediator and teacher. At the start of his case study, he displayed wonderful awakened and even evolved brainwave patterns. My initial reaction was that this work had little to offer someone with Tom's experience. This proved not be the case. Over the past year of doing Mind Mirror sessions with him, I witnessed some dramatic changes in his life. Overall, he began to manifest at a higher level and at an accelerated pace. More of his long term goals and aspirations both in his business and personal life started to effortlessly happen for him. Tom's case illustrates that we all can continue to grow when we choose to do so, especially when we make that choice at a deep theta level.

"I have had several Mind Mirror sessions with George Pierson over the past year and have experienced dramatic positive shifts in my level of personal confidence and clarity. I feel more at ease with my self and more comfortable sharing my inner gifts with the world. George is a gifted practitioner who has gently and consistently led me to deeper states of intuitive awareness and new understanding. I always look forward to my sessions with George, certain that each time we work together new gifts and connections will be revealed. I always leave the sessions excited about the future and my path. I am very grateful to know George and to have his support on my journey."

Tom Kornbluh
Business Consultant, Feola & Kornbluh Associates

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