Sam Love

Sam was one of my first case studies. At the start of our Mind Mirror session work, Sam was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety in connection with his business. Over the months as we continued with sessions, he began to meditate more along with doing yoga. It was amazing to watch Sam go through such positive physical, emotional and mental transformation. Sometimes I find just allowing yourself to really let go of everything that's on your mind is enough to find your center again. It's like resetting your inner cosmic alignment button. Once you do this, creative insights and inspiration return automatically. I've found the awakened mind guided meditations following Anna Wise's protocol, allow people to effortlessly to go into these deep inner spaces that are so nurturing and healing. As a result of Sam's inner work, his brainwave patterns stabilized greatly and his alpha and theta waves increased to awakened mind patterns that resulted in vivid imagery and new clarity and insight for him in connection to his business options.

"I am personally in the midst of a profound transition as I completely restructure a company that has nurtured me for almost twenty years. George's awakened mind meditation techniques have given me wonderful tools for coping. Rather than just downsizing I can now say with some assurance that I am taking proactive, deliberate steps to downsize to tranquility."

Sam Love
Video Business Owner, Silver Spring, MD


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