Rosalind Burns
Rosalind is a visual artist. We started doing sessions around the time she received a big painting commission for a new hotel being built in Chile. She attributes the inspiration for her artwork in this project to her private Mind Mirror EEG sessions, which also held her steady through its conclusion. What I find so significant about her experiences is that they allowed her to reconnect to her inner core of creative inspiration (theta) that may have become clouded over the years while assuming all the external responsibilities of a professional artist. This is the essence of Creative Mindflow: everyone knows deep within what really inspires them and what steps they need to take in order to turn their inner visions into reality. Rosalind is a classic example of bringing her experiences from deep levels of consciousness back into beta reality. We all can learn from her insights.

"The mind-mirror / awakened mind experience with George Pierson has played an important -- I would say central-- role for my work as an artist from March through October of this year, and I feel certain it will continue to be a part of my evolution as an artist and as a person. The three sessions, at the beginning, middle and end of a large commissioned project I had taken on helped me in a very deep way to find my "compass": they connected me to memories, feelings and aspects of myself which emerged in the work I produced in the form of unexpected insights, confidence and actual accomplishment. Through the whole process, I have been able to recover the excitement and passion for my work, which I felt only when I first began painting many years ago.

I have become more and more convinced that art that is truly meaningful, for me, is intricately tied to the "place" from where it springs (its source): instead of imposing "ideas" or trying to figure out verbally "what to do" and worry about formal or academic issues, the awakened mind experience allows those sources that are "close to the heart" to flow and to take their natural form in visual terms. This, I believe, is a treasure for anyone involved in creating.

George has been wonderful, as he has guided me through this process: gentle, supportive and responsive. I am truly grateful for this experience. "

Rosalind Burns
Visual Artist, Washington DC

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