Emily Attwell

I first met Emily on an Art Trekking trip to Spain. Each morning, I led group meditations before the artist went out to paint. In addition to this, Emily chose to do some private Mind Mirror sessions with me while in Spain and back in Silver Spring. What's remarkable is that as the result of this trip experience and her sessions, Emily was able to tap into her inner wellspring for creativity that resulted in her producing over 150 paintings in a three-month period. What's even more remarkable is that before this trip she had no previous painting experience! Being a professional pianist allowed her to shift her music creative channel over to expressing through painting. It was almost like she began painting with music. In fact, many of her paintings were directly inspired from inner visions she experienced. This is an example of the transformation that can occur at the theta level.

"I am fascinated by the connection between my internal visualizations (in awakened mind sessions) and the colors, shapes and feelings that permeate my artwork. The increasing clarity of these visualizations spills over into my dreams and into my painting."

Emily Attwell
Visual Artist, Musician, Washington, DC

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