George Pierson has worked as a creative executive in some of America's leading media organizations. In the 70s, he was a print designer at ABC and art director at NBC in New York. He later moved to HBO where he was Design Director during its infancy. In 1994, Discovery Channel recruited George to lead their Creative Services department. During George's tenure, Discovery grew from a two-channel network to the world's leading nonfiction media company. He founded Creative Mindflow to bring his insights into creativity and consciousness to organizations and individuals around the world. George says: "Throughout my life as a designer and artist, I've noticed a link between creativity and deep states of relaxation and meditation. This process fascinated me and I've dedicated my career to studying it."

The design and creative departments he has led have been widely recognized for their high quality award-winning work, high-spirited creative team environment, and pioneering and advancing industry technology standards.

"Having been part of creative companies like HBO and Discovery in their exciting start up phase to becoming industry leaders, it was my privilege to help shape the revolutionary impact they had on the world of television and how audiences began to a view a greater reality of our planet. Now I intend to help lead another creative revolution through my work with businesses, groups and individuals through my well-researched workshops."

"People deserve to understand that we each have our own reservoir of unlimited creativity inside us that can be tapped into with training anytime to increase our performance in the office, improve our relationships at work, home and within our communities and help solve the challenging problems facing our world today."

"During this time of tremendous transition and change, it is critical, that we begin to let go of our self-imposed limitations and lead happier and more fulfilling lives. It's time for us to discover and experience our true nature as beings with unlimited creativity."

"We are all more creative than we think!"

George resides in Silver Spring, Maryland where he can be reached at


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